Thursday, January 20, 2011


Yes you read that right...Octopus! Last night for an early supper I wanted to put a twist on a favorite meal of ours. So I thought Octopus would change it up and add some fun to the meal.

But I do not eat seafood. So these was not what you think they are. These was made of HOT DOGS! You take raw hot dogs and cut them in half. Then cut an X at the end where you cut the hot dog in half. After that you just cook them as normal. When they are done the cut end will curl up and look like a 4 legged octopus!
My twist on a Bento Box.
Rice,Peas,Turkey Sausage,Boiled Potatoes and Octopus Hot dogs.
This is 2 servings.

Octopus hot dogs are also fun for kids! Kids love to treat them like chicken nuggets and dip them! Ok so hummm so do I! ^.^

On the knitting front I have secret knitting on the needles! hehehe Soon I will reveal what it is!

That is a Piddleloop bag.

Well for now that is all. Please make sure you leave a comment so I know you are reading my posts. Have a great day!



lily said...

So cute!!

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Thanks April!!!
We enjoyed them! Next time I will do them to dunk. I enjoy dunking food.