Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy Sunday's and BJD!

Today is a slow day. It has been spent sitting on the couch with my husband and watching Torchwood. I have also bee chatting it up on the Ravelry boards.

I am interested in getting a BJD. I saw one a few months ago in person and I really liked it. The only problem is these dolls are $150 and way up. Not in my price range.
So I was talking on the ABJD thread on Ravelry and found out about a different line of dolls called Basaak.It is a knock off of the Blythe. Much less costly. Around $25. So I am saving up to get myself one.
Only catch is I have to get the money from the sales in my Artfire shop to buy the doll. So I have a great deal going.

Purchase anything from my shop and get FREE SHIPPING! (to the US and Canada only) You get this deal ONLY if you enter the code JANUARY in when you check out. :)

(deal ends Sunday 1/16/2011)

Ok so enough advertising. ;)

In the knitting world I am working on a mini blanket and tomorrow I will be casting on a sock. I made 1 sock some time ago and never got around to casting on its mate.Tho I am not sure I want to make its mate.I forget what needles size I used for the 1st sock.I don't want to make the other sock bigger or smaller than the 1st one. I guess I will sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow.

Well I am going to end it here. I am going to get back to blanket knitting and watching Torchwood with the hubby. Have a great day everyone.


lily said...

I know all about making one sock and not its mate. I have a moneky somewhere that will forver be mateless as I didn't like the pattern. Lazy Sundays are full of love. I wish mine had more relaxing in it .....

Mrs.Lawrence said...

It's not that I do not like the pattern..its a vanilla sock. It's that the sock is made with my only skein of Knit Witch yarn and I kind of love it! lol
I like it even more because the inlaws are gone. *giggle*
I am sorry! I hope it all gets better! After all this is a new year!