Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A day full of fun!

Today the hubby had light duty to do at Labor Finders. I wanted out of the house so I went with him.I dropped him off at work just before 8am and got his check to deposit at the bank.
Well the bank didn't open till 9 so I sat in the car and knitted till it opened.After that I went to the Library which is a block away. I had time to kill till 1pm so I had a friend and her daughter meet me there at 10.She is learning how to spin with her drop spindle and she needed some help.

I had a great time talking with her and helping her. In the end she was not drafting it thin enough and she was putting to much twist into it. But we got that all sorted out.I told her now I wanted to spin but didn't have any roving.I would have to buy some when I got home...she told me as a ty for helping I could have one of her batts of fiber! O.o So now I got some pretty Pink,Gray and brown colored roving to play with this weekend! Keep an eye out for a Spinning post soon.

After almost 2 hours of chatting it up she had to go.So I played around on the net and knitted till almost 1. Then I got the hubby and grabbed a bit to eat. (we hadn't had anything since supper last night. oops)

Tomorrow I plan on going with him again and hanging out at the Library alone. I tend to get lots of knitting done there. ;) But after I get him I have to take him to his 1st Physical Therapy appointment. I hope this helps his back so he can go back to really working and take the corset off..he hates that thing! lol

Yesterday the power bill came in and was almost $500! O.o The mil and us talked and we can't stay in the living room as much anymore since we are trying to heat a HUGE room with a little heater. So we started giving her $100 a month to go towards the power.But we have moved back to the bedroom.But we set up work areas so we can do our thing. ;) We have a gas heater in this room and its smaller so we should be good.

On the crafting front I tried my hand at something new tonight. I made a small doll/barbie quilt! All on my own! I am sooo happy! I like the look of it and the MIL side she liked it to!
I am going to open my Etsy store back up and put my sewn items in it. :) Tomorrow I will blog the link to it so you all can see it. I might get another one made today...but I'm not sure. Either way my shop will open tomorrow.

Well time for me to do more crafting! Please do not forget to leave me a comment here so I know your reading. Have a great Day/Night!


checat said...

I am glad you had a fun day

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Thanks! I was happy to get out of the house!

lily said...

Pictures are required! :P I am gkad you had a really good day. Hopefully PT will work its magic fast and hubs will be 100% soon.
I am really looking forward to your spinning post. I have never seen any yarn you have drop spindled before.

Mrs.Lawrence said...

I forgot about the spinning! O.O
OOPS lol
I will get to that soon. :)