Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Storage!

Hi everyone! Sorry I am just now posting again. But my last few days in Fl was busybusy!


I have been going crazy with the way my room looks. I needed storage! But after that FL. vacation I shouldn't spend the money for storage options.So I brought up the subject with my FIL. (He built his own porch.) I showed him pictures of what I wanted and he said he could do it.

This morning the hubby and I got up early and went with the FIL to the lumber yard to price it. $32 for all the supplies! Score!! I bought the stuff on the spot and stopped by the Dollar General store for a few items on our way home.
Once we was home the hubby drawed my idea on paper and we figured up placement of boards and such.

Then the men folk got to work.

Ofcourse they needed my help!

hahahaThe dogs agreed with me!

Once it was done they was more than happy to put it in my room for me to put my special items on!

Now I have my knitting/spinning odds and ends all in one place! I also found my Darning Needles that I thought I left in FL! WOOT

Now if only I could get the rest of my room fixed! lol This hobby obession is taing over my room! O.O...But I could have worse obessions. ;)

Well I think I will go do some knitting. Have a great night everyone.

Mrs.Lawrence in Ga

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vacation:Day Three in Orange Park Florida!

Today was a great day! Even the rain didn't stop me! Since it was raining it was only in the 50's and I got to wear my Clapotis. YAY

My first stop today was A Stitch in Time. It is not a true yarn store but in the back they have a good selection of yarn for knitting/crocheting. Tho there knitting needle rack needs some sorting.
I kind of over did it at the yarn store. lol
Not pictured is my bottle of Eucalan.

The hubby had a rumble in his belly after the yarn store so we ended up trying the pizza place in the same shopping center as BAM.

It was good! But lacking in sauce.
All in all we would eat there again if we lived here.
I forgot this the other day! I got it at BAM in the Orange Park Mall.

Well this is all for now. Tomorrow is knitting group with the locals! Have a good night all.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vacation:Day two in Orange Park Florida!

Hi all. Today was kind of a slow day. Nothing fancy to show. We went to the mall down the road. I needed to shop for my cousin Katie.Her birthday is the end of this month.She will be 15 y/o. YIKES Any drivers in North GA beware...she will be driving and shes crazy!! ;)

On our way out I decided to snap a pic of our
hotel from the back side where we park.Our room over looks the CLOSED pool.
As you can see it is not very deep in the "deep" end.

While I was at the mall I decided I wanted some nails. I love having them but can't grow my own.(my nails are thin)
Look there blue! WOOT

I remembered just now that I never posted that I got my nose done a while back!
Today while I was at the mall I got a new nose ring! I love it!

After all this we came back to the room and took a nap. I was going to go to knit night at Knitwitz but I over slept. So to make up for it hubby treated me to TGIF Fridays and a movie.The only thing we could agree on was Tangled. I wasn't looking forward to seeing it....but in the end it was great! Also we was the only ones in there and could talk and yell at the movie! lol

But now we are back to the hotel and I feel the need to shower and lay down to un-swell my feet. So have a great night/day.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vacation:Day one in Orange Park Florida!

Today started our vacation to Florida. We made it to the state line at 9am this morning. Every year when I went on vacation with family we would stop here and take our picture at this sign. So of course I had to do it when we passed it!
Once we got into our room in Orange Park and took a break we headed out to go to a yarn shop...of course! When we got to the long bridge I just had to take a picture. I love this bridge! BUT I put the window down to take a picture and my directions to the yarn store went right out the window! OMG Thank goodness I remembered that the Barnes and Nobles that we was also going to was only 1 exit away.So we went there and asked for directions. ;)We made it to the yarn store!It wasn't super easy to spot but we got there none the less.I enjoyed talking to the store owner.Tho I didn't get her name. (Sorry about that) She invited me to come to there knit night tomorrow. I might take her up on it if we don't plan anything else.

The free bag that I got!
You know me and bags!
I love them. lolHere you can see my haul! It's not much but I will have much fun knitting with them!
Pictured are:
Cascade 220 in green & black
Madelinetosh (new to me) in Rosewood (fingering)
Mini Mochi in green & brown (color 104)
Jojoland Ballad (4 skeins) in a pretty blueish purple
Hiyahiya's US 6 32" & US 2 6" DPN's After the yarn store we hung out at B&N.
(nothing to report other than mint tea)
All in all it was a good day! I have plans to go to B&N and meet up with Kristin (CometoSilver).I look forward to meeting my hero...I mean..my sock teacher and Plurk friend in person. (Has just been told that Kim,ContinentalKim,will also be there!)
As for now I am going to play a little more online then call it a night.(I have been up since 4am this morning.)
Have a great night/day!