Friday, January 7, 2011


Welcome 2011! I know I am 7 days late...but at least it's still January. LOL

I have vowed to blog at least once a week for 52 weeks! Not just 52 posts..but 1 post every week for 52 weeks! So here is my 1st blog entry.

To catch you up I have entered 52 in 52 in 2011 on Ravelry.So far I am at 2.
Week 1 was some Coasters.My goal was to knit 2 of them.I do want more but am not worried if 2 is all I have.So I called them done.

Week 2.....drum roll please.....SOCKS! I loved knitting them.But man...that sure was a lot of purling.I decided to change up the heels and toes.I needed a break from the purling.

Right now there is NOTHING on the needles.But I am sure I will fix that problem tomorrow. ;) Well it's late and I am sleepy.So good night friends.Please don't forget to leave a message that you read my post and if you talk to me please remind me to blog. Thanks



Alexis said...

Beautiful work! I love those socks.

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Thanks! I love the yarn! Cherry Tree Hill Louet Gems Fingering. I hope I have more of it in my stash.