Monday, January 17, 2011

Catching up

WoW That week flew by! Where did it go?

I think I have gotten hooked on doll collecting.I purchased a Barbie (did you know they had ones where you can change there heads?! I didn't!!).I also got a Liv doll. (I had never heard of that one before..but then again I have no kids or cousins that liked dolls.)

I spent last week trying to design clothes and stuff for them...let's just say I didn't get to much made. lol I can't work out how to make clothes in my head for some reason.(not pictured is a hat and cowl)
1 shawl,2 scarfs and a blanket.

Besides this I haven't done anything else crafty.It's been a slow week.
Till today that is! I have cast on something big! I have made it before and enjoyed it.Tho I made a change to it last time that I didn't like.So this time I am NOT going to change the pattern at all! I want this one to be right!
Once I get some good work on it I will post it here for you all to see.

I have been reading more tho! I read Dead(ish). It was only 100 pages but it was cute! (it is free from for Nook download!) There is a 2nd book to it but I forget the name. (it is 99 cents on for the nook) This payday I am going to buy it for sure!

Right now I am reading Evermore. It is a good book also!I am 1/2 done with it already. Tomorrow I go to the library and check out Fat Vampire! Yes you read that right "FAT" vampire! I downloaded the sample to see if it was something I might is...well as far as the sample would let me read that is. I hope the book will be good just like the sample. ;)

I guess you see my Etsy shop isn't open. I have decided it's not worth it.The fees are to high and them taking more money every time you make a sale is crazy! I would be losing to much money. So I am working on cleaning my Artfire shop up and redoing it. I have TONS of stuff on sale in my shop! Check it out wont you?! ^.^

Well 5:30 am comes early.I think I will end this here and do some knitting before going to bed. Have a great night everyone.Pet your favorite wool for me and please leave a comment after the beep.....BEEEEEEP!


Alexis said...

Barbie is lucky to have such lovely knitted accessories! I love those greens. I used to collect Barbies. Now they're stored away in a box because we have no place to put them. :( Someday we will have more room, though. Someday... :)

Mrs.Lawrence said...

I never got into the dolls..till now.
But I still dont think I am that into them. I am just not feeling it. :(

I used to collect porcelain dolls..but only because my mom would buy me one for every christmas...but I no longer talk to her and I trashed them.

I think I will stick with the 2 dolls that I have right now and see if my love grows or not.