Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday already?

Wait! Where did the rest of the week go? How can it already be Saturday? I had plans on blogging sooner than this.I really did.

Oh well. What matters is that I DO blog. So here I go.

I have been a mad woman with crocheting. The big snowman that I made I gave to my MIL. She has it stilling on the kitchen table. :) I think she likes it.

I crocheted a smaller snowman for my swap partner.(no pictures right now..I don't want to spoil the surprise.)

I made a sale in my Artfire shop. It was a dice bag. So I crocheted 2 more. They will be added to my shop tomorrow. Here is a sneak preview for just my readers.

I am working on more bags right now. I think the D&D/role playing folks are finding them at last. :) YAY

Well time to get back to work on those bags. Have a great day everyone and if you have snow where you live make and eat some snow cream for me!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flying Fingers

My fingers have been flying this week! I love knitting and crocheting. Esp if it is fast to make items. lol Only problem I have is finding something to knit that I like that is free.

The yarn is Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks. I purchased it from Creative Yarns in Macon when I went to visit family a few months ago.I knit these on 2 circs at the same time. I did the ribbing cuff on 1,then done the ribbing cuff on the 2nd one and so forth. It was nice to have 2 done socks at the same time. It does not bother me that they do not match! I love them. I can't wait to wear them. The yarn was a joy to work with.

Amigurumi Snowman

This is for someone.But I can not say who. (no one on Plurk) I hope the person likes it! It is a bit bigger than I was hoping but oh well. ;) I hate piecing these things together but I can't stop making Amigurumi items.

Well I have blood work to get done in the morning so I can't stay up to late.So good bye for now. Please don't forget to leave a message so I know someone out there is reading this.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a a very slow paced kind of day. I like it.
Tho we did sleep in this morning. That was because we stayed up till 6am. We wasn't sleepy! So I watched Netflix and the hubby played World of Warcraft. ;)

So yesterday I finished the Nephew's hat. I really hope he likes it.
It will look better on him than it does here. lol

Since finishing the hat I can not find anything else that I would like to knit. *sigh* I do have a shawl,hood and socks going.But I want something different to do. But 3 hours of searching on Ravelry gave me nothing. (Free pattern search) So I am working on the socks. I think I am going to frog the hood and use the yarn for something else. I will never wear the thing and I have no one to gift it to.So it will just be a waste of yarn.

I am going to do a KAL with my friend Megan. We will both be knitting Lacewing. I don't think I have enough lace weight but I will see. If not mine will be knit in fingering weight and be a bit bigger.

Which is good for me some all the other shawls I have knit have been to small for me. So it could be a blessing. ;)

Well time to get back to rocking in my chair and sock knitting. I am almost done. Have a great day every one.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

FO Thursday!

My friends I come to you with an Finished Object!
Warm Around You (yarn is prettier in person...but its midnight almost so picture taking isn't great right now)

All it needs is to have its bottom blocked then 3 buttons added. I haven't picked out the buttons for it yet. But I have till Yule eve. This is a Yule gift for my MIL. She is always cold and wrapping things around her neck while at home. (we live in a 130+ year old house...its drafty.) I really hope she loves it!

This took all of 8 hours?Maybe! It was a very fast knit to say the least! Worsted yarn on size 9us needles.

Since I got that done so fast I decided to look for a hat to knit for my nephew.In my search I found Big Funky Hat. I am knitting it with Caron Simply Soft.(why yes!I do like this yarn!lol) I think this 17 y/o will like it. Hes a goof ball and likes odd looking things. More on this hat next entry. :)

Well that's it. Please don't forget to leave a comment. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

(please note all rude or foul comments WILL NOT be posted on my blog!)

Thank you for coming back!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh noes!

I have been a bad blogger. I have not blogged in over a month! I promise to try and change! Can you help me with that? I need feed back that your out there reading my blog. :) Anything is helpful. Thanks

So in the knitting world...What's on my Needles.

That is Through the Woods by Kalurah. I have completed 5 repeats of the cable section. I am using Caron Simply Soft held double in Autumn Red. So far I like it. But I am worried about having to pick up all those stitches. I am not great at picking up stitches. But maybe after this I will be great at it! lol

Well time for supper. I will try my best to post again tomorrow. :)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

The One with an FO!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay. Life has been snooze land. Nothing exciting to report on my end so I just didn't blog.

The only good things are I got 2 new project bags.
I listed some Notion Bags and Project Bags in my Artfire shop this week.
At my knitting group this month someone brought in a box of yarn and offered it to all of us. (fun fur & acrylics)
I started back to Weight Watchers Tuesday.(Thanks to my MIL!)
I went and watched JackAss 3D. (it was Great!SO not for kids tho..more than the first 2 movies..this one has FULL nude male parts...upclose.x.x)

Other than that nothing exciting.

In the knitting world I am knitting a shawl. I am very close to done. I haven't told anyone what pattern it is so you will have to wait!
I am knitting my 16 y/o nephew a tie for Yule. (nothing but seed stitch x.x')

But I do have one FO hot off the needles! (as in just finished about 10 minutes ago!

Just your basic sock. I knit it following Silvers Sock Class for one sock on DPN's.I knit it with KnitWitch yarn and on two smaller sized 2 16" KnitPicks circulars.

My goal is to learn how to knit 2 pair at once on 1 circular needle. I bought a book for it last week.I am waiting for my needle to come from KnitPicks.It should be here any day now.

Well that's all for now.Have a wonderful


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday WIP Day

Well I only have one WIP this week. But I can not show it. Why? Because its a gift for my friend and she might see it here! So I will tell you what i can about it.
It is being knit with purple yarn and she will love it! LOL Sorry that's all I can tell you about it with out telling you what it is. ;)

In other news. I have new items in my shop! YAY

There is washcloth sets and French Press Covers which are new to my shop. So stop on by and have a look around. You know Yule/Christmas is only 79 days away! So get what you like now before Yule/Christmas sneaks up on you and your caught out the day before Yule/Christmas looking for Aunt Sue something!

I have a few other items to list but I need to put finishing touches on some of them. So They will be listed next week. :)

Well that's all for today. Be sure to come back Friday and see my Fo's for the week!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Oops..Sorry about that!

Bad me. I took a bit longer to post this time. But I had a good reason! I have an infection and its making me all crazy. If I'm not very tired my legs are hurting. I can't win for losing.

But I have tried to keep my mind off by crafting. Tho I haven't been good about taking pictures. There is still more stuff to take pics of. But here is a few.

Face Scrubbies

Bath/Kitchen Set

(2 sets shown)

I plan on adding these to my shop this weekend. So if you want them you better let me know before I list them so I can reserve them for you. ;)

Well I'm going to turn in for the night. I will get more up soon. Have a great night!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Autumn Equinox and WIP Day to all!

Well today is a double post since I have 2 things to chat about!

~Autumn Equinox~
Today we went to Reed Bingham State Park to be closer to nature. While we was there we made an Altar to the God's and Goddesses'. It was nothing fancy but we built it with items from nature and didn't damage anything in the process!
It was made of rocks from the lake edge,pine cones from the tree it was built at and some small clam shells that I found close to the water edge. It was made to point N,S,E & W. After building it we stood around it and held hands while saying a silent chat. It felt nice to get back in the swing of things!
I would like to add that Wed is free day at the park and that we left all things as seen in the picture! I didn't take anything.

I have some other pictures from the park but will leave them to my Flicker account. There was turtles,alligator's, lake,clouds,signs and well one sign you HAVE to see! It is funny! Its a handmade sign about trashing the roads. You will LOL. Trust me on this.
Why don't I post it here? Well you only have so much space here for free each month. I don't want to use it all up in a few entry's. That's why I made the flicker account.

As for WIP day...I really don't have anything. Well I'm making teeth and need to work on my sock.But other than that I haven't touched anything since the Crocheted things from the other day. I tell her living in the country has its draw backs. Like feeling to laid back to do anything other than watch the cows,Green Peppers and peanuts grow in the fields around me. (there's 3 different fields! don't worry!)

Sorry this is a simple post but I am going to cook a pizza real fast. I'm starving!
Have a good one!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Hi all! I am back. I kept meaning to post but would fall asleep early or get caught up in something else. *sigh* But here I am at last.

I made a account on Flicker for my pictures.This way I can share all my pictures without cluttering my blog. Oh I will still post a few pictures but not all of them. ^.^

In crafting news...I finished something!

I crocheted these based on a pattern. They came out wonderful! I plan on making many more of these. I have an idea for another one. (not in any pattern)

I have also made a mini stocking..but I don't care for it. *sigh*

(will post a picture on my Flicker account soon)

I am VERY close to being done with my Citron shawl. I would be done by now but every time I knit on it I almost fall asleep.

I did finish reading a book tho. "Needles and Pearls" It was a good read. Only I had a hard time with the British terms. LOL Now I am listening to "One for the Money". I like listening to books. It means I have my hands free to do other things.

Well that's all for right now. I will make sure to post again soon. Take care!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

The entry with pictures!

This entry is for my friend April who insisted I show her some pictures from my new place. ;) I hope you all enjoy.

This is Janie! My dog.
(Yes she has her tongue out..I had a treat in my hand.)

I am surrounded by fields.This is the most common type.
(That's cotton bundled up if you didn't know.) *wink*

This is a pond on some back road. It is FULL of turtles!
(The turtle is in the middle of the picture just before
the green on the water starts.He/shes on a stump.)
I made Tim turn around and park on the side of the road
just so I could take pictures! LOL

Edward does NOT live in Forks....He lives in Valdosta!
Here's proof!

(Please Don't Litter Make Valdosta GLITTER)

These signs are posted all over the place!!

Look at this wonderful tree with moss all in it!
(That's a Fire Dept.)

Welcome to Hahira!! This town's name makes me Giggle.

You have to take back roads to go through it and if you blink you will miss it!

In other news...I have been crafting up a storm.

I am not done with any 1 thing yet but here
is a sneak peek of some crafting that I am up to!

I have other pictures...but posting pictures here is kind of a pain. I think I will start me a free picture hosting site somewhere.If I do I will be sure and post it here for you all to see.

Well I am going to read then head to bed. Good night all. Please leave me a comment if you read this. ;)


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi all! I have made this blog so my family and friends (April,Nick,Jon,Hunter & Phillip) back home can see what I am up to! (waves)

My name is Nicole.I am a wife,a granddaughter,daughter in law,niece,friend and cousin to many! I craft at home and sale my goods online. I love to knit and swim. If I could do the 2 at the same time life would be perfect!!

Till now I have lived my whole life,30 years,in Dalton,Ga. But September 30th I moved to my husbands hometown. Sparks,Ga. It is 300+ miles south of my hometown.
My grandparents & cousin Katie was not happy with this at all. (I love you Nana,Papa & Katie!) But they each know this is for the best! I need to start my own life! The life I had before was not mine.

In my old town it was Mountains all the time. Here it is farms and livestock!! I love it. The view is ever changing and I am learning what the different crops are.I am even finding my way around! I can go to Walmart,Hobby Lobby,Dollar Stores and many other places on my own. YAY

Right now we live with hubby's parents. There house is 130+ years old.It's got 3 bedroom and only 1 bathroom. They have a pool also. I am not sure if I ever want to move out! I love old houses and if I was a super hero my weakness would be pools! I am such a fish! I am lucky that here they keep the pool open longer. So I still have a little while to swim.

I only have 1 problem with living down here.....things are so laid back that I don't even want to craft! I just want to sit on the porch and watch the peanut field next door grow. *breath in & exhale*

But I know I have to do SOME crafting to bring some money in! lol So I have to force myself to slave over the needles. (LOL If you know me you know I don't do ANYTHING that I don't want to do.) So here not only will you hear whats going on with my will also see what crafting I am up to! I am sure you don't mind. ;)

So Sit back and join me here a few times a week and let me tell you what its like living here in Sparks...the town that breaths in and out!


side note to April...I took pics with my phone but I have no cord to get them onto my computer.So you will have to wait for me to go back out and take my cam. Sorry *hugs*