Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh noes!

I have been a bad blogger. I have not blogged in over a month! I promise to try and change! Can you help me with that? I need feed back that your out there reading my blog. :) Anything is helpful. Thanks

So in the knitting world...What's on my Needles.

That is Through the Woods by Kalurah. I have completed 5 repeats of the cable section. I am using Caron Simply Soft held double in Autumn Red. So far I like it. But I am worried about having to pick up all those stitches. I am not great at picking up stitches. But maybe after this I will be great at it! lol

Well time for supper. I will try my best to post again tomorrow. :)



Norma said...

I am here and reading this!:) I love you projectso beautiful. biggest thing is when picking up stitches dont just pick up a single strand as that makes a hole, and do it evenly so you also dont make a holle, sometimes using a crochet hook to pick up helps. Hope these are useful suggestions for you. keep blogging.

lily said...

Beautiful!! How is the holding yarn double working?

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Thanks for reading my blog Norma and leaving a comment!
Sometimes it's just hard to see where you need to pick up. I tend to pick up in the wrong area some how and having a hump on the inside.
Atleast its not on the outside huh? lol
Please check back tomorrow!

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Thanks Lily! It is working out great! Kind of fidly sometimes but nothing I can't handle.
Thank you for commenting.
Going to check your blog now. ;)

checat said...

I read it :-D that reminds me I better update mine soon

Anonymous said...

I knew what that was!

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Thanks for stopping by Checat!
Yes please update yours! We need to help each other remember to blog. ;)

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Hi pjbknit! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Of course you knew! hehehe