Thursday, December 9, 2010

FO Thursday!

My friends I come to you with an Finished Object!
Warm Around You (yarn is prettier in person...but its midnight almost so picture taking isn't great right now)

All it needs is to have its bottom blocked then 3 buttons added. I haven't picked out the buttons for it yet. But I have till Yule eve. This is a Yule gift for my MIL. She is always cold and wrapping things around her neck while at home. (we live in a 130+ year old house...its drafty.) I really hope she loves it!

This took all of 8 hours?Maybe! It was a very fast knit to say the least! Worsted yarn on size 9us needles.

Since I got that done so fast I decided to look for a hat to knit for my nephew.In my search I found Big Funky Hat. I am knitting it with Caron Simply Soft.(why yes!I do like this yarn!lol) I think this 17 y/o will like it. Hes a goof ball and likes odd looking things. More on this hat next entry. :)

Well that's it. Please don't forget to leave a comment. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

(please note all rude or foul comments WILL NOT be posted on my blog!)

Thank you for coming back!



checat said...

But rude and foul comments are my favorite kind! J/k ;-P it looks great I am sure she will love it

Mrs.Lawrence said...

lol They are fun aren't they?!
Thanks! I hope so.