Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a a very slow paced kind of day. I like it.
Tho we did sleep in this morning. That was because we stayed up till 6am. We wasn't sleepy! So I watched Netflix and the hubby played World of Warcraft. ;)

So yesterday I finished the Nephew's hat. I really hope he likes it.
It will look better on him than it does here. lol

Since finishing the hat I can not find anything else that I would like to knit. *sigh* I do have a shawl,hood and socks going.But I want something different to do. But 3 hours of searching on Ravelry gave me nothing. (Free pattern search) So I am working on the socks. I think I am going to frog the hood and use the yarn for something else. I will never wear the thing and I have no one to gift it to.So it will just be a waste of yarn.

I am going to do a KAL with my friend Megan. We will both be knitting Lacewing. I don't think I have enough lace weight but I will see. If not mine will be knit in fingering weight and be a bit bigger.

Which is good for me some all the other shawls I have knit have been to small for me. So it could be a blessing. ;)

Well time to get back to rocking in my chair and sock knitting. I am almost done. Have a great day every one.



Alexis said...

I like the hat! Nice color.

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Thanks! My Nephew said it was his favorite color so I am hoping he likes it.

checat said...

So excited to start our KAL :-D I think that it would be HUGE in fingering, but also be so cozy and look amazing. Come on December 26th ;-D the hat is great I <3 it

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Well I know I have some lace weight yarn...but I am not sure I have enough in one color of yarn. I can go up some needles sizes to make up for the fingering weight yarn.