Sunday, October 24, 2010

The One with an FO!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay. Life has been snooze land. Nothing exciting to report on my end so I just didn't blog.

The only good things are I got 2 new project bags.
I listed some Notion Bags and Project Bags in my Artfire shop this week.
At my knitting group this month someone brought in a box of yarn and offered it to all of us. (fun fur & acrylics)
I started back to Weight Watchers Tuesday.(Thanks to my MIL!)
I went and watched JackAss 3D. (it was Great!SO not for kids tho..more than the first 2 movies..this one has FULL nude male parts...upclose.x.x)

Other than that nothing exciting.

In the knitting world I am knitting a shawl. I am very close to done. I haven't told anyone what pattern it is so you will have to wait!
I am knitting my 16 y/o nephew a tie for Yule. (nothing but seed stitch x.x')

But I do have one FO hot off the needles! (as in just finished about 10 minutes ago!

Just your basic sock. I knit it following Silvers Sock Class for one sock on DPN's.I knit it with KnitWitch yarn and on two smaller sized 2 16" KnitPicks circulars.

My goal is to learn how to knit 2 pair at once on 1 circular needle. I bought a book for it last week.I am waiting for my needle to come from KnitPicks.It should be here any day now.

Well that's all for now.Have a wonderful


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