Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi all! I have made this blog so my family and friends (April,Nick,Jon,Hunter & Phillip) back home can see what I am up to! (waves)

My name is Nicole.I am a wife,a granddaughter,daughter in law,niece,friend and cousin to many! I craft at home and sale my goods online. I love to knit and swim. If I could do the 2 at the same time life would be perfect!!

Till now I have lived my whole life,30 years,in Dalton,Ga. But September 30th I moved to my husbands hometown. Sparks,Ga. It is 300+ miles south of my hometown.
My grandparents & cousin Katie was not happy with this at all. (I love you Nana,Papa & Katie!) But they each know this is for the best! I need to start my own life! The life I had before was not mine.

In my old town it was Mountains all the time. Here it is farms and livestock!! I love it. The view is ever changing and I am learning what the different crops are.I am even finding my way around! I can go to Walmart,Hobby Lobby,Dollar Stores and many other places on my own. YAY

Right now we live with hubby's parents. There house is 130+ years old.It's got 3 bedroom and only 1 bathroom. They have a pool also. I am not sure if I ever want to move out! I love old houses and if I was a super hero my weakness would be pools! I am such a fish! I am lucky that here they keep the pool open longer. So I still have a little while to swim.

I only have 1 problem with living down here.....things are so laid back that I don't even want to craft! I just want to sit on the porch and watch the peanut field next door grow. *breath in & exhale*

But I know I have to do SOME crafting to bring some money in! lol So I have to force myself to slave over the needles. (LOL If you know me you know I don't do ANYTHING that I don't want to do.) So here not only will you hear whats going on with my will also see what crafting I am up to! I am sure you don't mind. ;)

So Sit back and join me here a few times a week and let me tell you what its like living here in Sparks...the town that breaths in and out!


side note to April...I took pics with my phone but I have no cord to get them onto my computer.So you will have to wait for me to go back out and take my cam. Sorry *hugs*

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