Sunday, September 12, 2010

The entry with pictures!

This entry is for my friend April who insisted I show her some pictures from my new place. ;) I hope you all enjoy.

This is Janie! My dog.
(Yes she has her tongue out..I had a treat in my hand.)

I am surrounded by fields.This is the most common type.
(That's cotton bundled up if you didn't know.) *wink*

This is a pond on some back road. It is FULL of turtles!
(The turtle is in the middle of the picture just before
the green on the water starts.He/shes on a stump.)
I made Tim turn around and park on the side of the road
just so I could take pictures! LOL

Edward does NOT live in Forks....He lives in Valdosta!
Here's proof!

(Please Don't Litter Make Valdosta GLITTER)

These signs are posted all over the place!!

Look at this wonderful tree with moss all in it!
(That's a Fire Dept.)

Welcome to Hahira!! This town's name makes me Giggle.

You have to take back roads to go through it and if you blink you will miss it!

In other news...I have been crafting up a storm.

I am not done with any 1 thing yet but here
is a sneak peek of some crafting that I am up to!

I have other pictures...but posting pictures here is kind of a pain. I think I will start me a free picture hosting site somewhere.If I do I will be sure and post it here for you all to see.

Well I am going to read then head to bed. Good night all. Please leave me a comment if you read this. ;)



Norma said...

love the pictures dear, esp. the cotton fields .yr plurk friend Norma[ewe2]

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Thanks Norma!
I have many pics of different fields!! I love looking at them! Right now theres Cotton,peanuts,corn and other stuff of which I can't figur out what they are. LOL

Thanks for commenting!! Your my first!

lily said...

Janie looks so much like Daisy!! The tree is just beautiful. It looks like a really pretty place to live.*hugs*
I spy saftey eyes......

Mrs.Lawrence said...

She does!!
There is TONS of trees like that down here.
You could be right about the saftey eyes. ;)

Denise said...

We need bunches of those glitter signs here in Tucson.

Mrs.Lawrence said...

I love those signs!
Theres a lot of them posted. Its a wonder Twilight fans haven't stole them. lol

annie said...

wazz up jennifer its annie ^^ awesome pics tht doggy is sooo cuteee