Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Autumn Equinox and WIP Day to all!

Well today is a double post since I have 2 things to chat about!

~Autumn Equinox~
Today we went to Reed Bingham State Park to be closer to nature. While we was there we made an Altar to the God's and Goddesses'. It was nothing fancy but we built it with items from nature and didn't damage anything in the process!
It was made of rocks from the lake edge,pine cones from the tree it was built at and some small clam shells that I found close to the water edge. It was made to point N,S,E & W. After building it we stood around it and held hands while saying a silent chat. It felt nice to get back in the swing of things!
I would like to add that Wed is free day at the park and that we left all things as seen in the picture! I didn't take anything.

I have some other pictures from the park but will leave them to my Flicker account. There was turtles,alligator's, lake,clouds,signs and well one sign you HAVE to see! It is funny! Its a handmade sign about trashing the roads. You will LOL. Trust me on this.
Why don't I post it here? Well you only have so much space here for free each month. I don't want to use it all up in a few entry's. That's why I made the flicker account.

As for WIP day...I really don't have anything. Well I'm making teeth and need to work on my sock.But other than that I haven't touched anything since the Crocheted things from the other day. I tell her living in the country has its draw backs. Like feeling to laid back to do anything other than watch the cows,Green Peppers and peanuts grow in the fields around me. (there's 3 different fields! don't worry!)

Sorry this is a simple post but I am going to cook a pizza real fast. I'm starving!
Have a good one!

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lily said...

Beautiful altar! I can feel the calmness here.
*gasp* no knitting!! Maybe during the winter it will work out better for knitting. When all teh crops have been harvested ;)