Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vacation:Day two in Orange Park Florida!

Hi all. Today was kind of a slow day. Nothing fancy to show. We went to the mall down the road. I needed to shop for my cousin Katie.Her birthday is the end of this month.She will be 15 y/o. YIKES Any drivers in North GA beware...she will be driving and shes crazy!! ;)

On our way out I decided to snap a pic of our
hotel from the back side where we park.Our room over looks the CLOSED pool.
As you can see it is not very deep in the "deep" end.

While I was at the mall I decided I wanted some nails. I love having them but can't grow my own.(my nails are thin)
Look there blue! WOOT

I remembered just now that I never posted that I got my nose done a while back!
Today while I was at the mall I got a new nose ring! I love it!

After all this we came back to the room and took a nap. I was going to go to knit night at Knitwitz but I over slept. So to make up for it hubby treated me to TGIF Fridays and a movie.The only thing we could agree on was Tangled. I wasn't looking forward to seeing it....but in the end it was great! Also we was the only ones in there and could talk and yell at the movie! lol

But now we are back to the hotel and I feel the need to shower and lay down to un-swell my feet. So have a great night/day.



lily said...

Sounds like a fun relaxing day! Your nose ring is very cute and so are the nails :)

Alexis said...

Love the nails!! :) You only have to be 15 to drive in GA? Here in NY, it's 16.

checat said...

sounds like your having an awesome time and your nails are too cute!!!

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Lily it was a nice day! I love date nights.
I hope to keep up the nails.But 1st I need to see if I can knit with them. lol

Alexis Thanks! She gets her learners at 15. ;) (isn't that correct?)

Checat I love FL. I always have. Thanks.Hubbys fave color is blue. ;)