Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vacation:Day Three in Orange Park Florida!

Today was a great day! Even the rain didn't stop me! Since it was raining it was only in the 50's and I got to wear my Clapotis. YAY

My first stop today was A Stitch in Time. It is not a true yarn store but in the back they have a good selection of yarn for knitting/crocheting. Tho there knitting needle rack needs some sorting.
I kind of over did it at the yarn store. lol
Not pictured is my bottle of Eucalan.

The hubby had a rumble in his belly after the yarn store so we ended up trying the pizza place in the same shopping center as BAM.

It was good! But lacking in sauce.
All in all we would eat there again if we lived here.
I forgot this the other day! I got it at BAM in the Orange Park Mall.

Well this is all for now. Tomorrow is knitting group with the locals! Have a good night all.


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