Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Storage!

Hi everyone! Sorry I am just now posting again. But my last few days in Fl was busybusy!


I have been going crazy with the way my room looks. I needed storage! But after that FL. vacation I shouldn't spend the money for storage options.So I brought up the subject with my FIL. (He built his own porch.) I showed him pictures of what I wanted and he said he could do it.

This morning the hubby and I got up early and went with the FIL to the lumber yard to price it. $32 for all the supplies! Score!! I bought the stuff on the spot and stopped by the Dollar General store for a few items on our way home.
Once we was home the hubby drawed my idea on paper and we figured up placement of boards and such.

Then the men folk got to work.

Ofcourse they needed my help!

hahahaThe dogs agreed with me!

Once it was done they was more than happy to put it in my room for me to put my special items on!

Now I have my knitting/spinning odds and ends all in one place! I also found my Darning Needles that I thought I left in FL! WOOT

Now if only I could get the rest of my room fixed! lol This hobby obession is taing over my room! O.O...But I could have worse obessions. ;)

Well I think I will go do some knitting. Have a great night everyone.

Mrs.Lawrence in Ga


checat said...

it looks great! Love it!!

Mrs.Lawrence said...

Doesn't it?! Thanks! My FIL did good work!
There is knicks and unstraight cuts in it but it is homemade with 2 hands and a loving heart!
I have never had anyone BUILD me something! ^.^

lily said...

They did an amazing job! Looks like the dogs were of great help ,too ;)